About Us

CS Global LTL Services are set up to provide a simple and easy-to-operate web platform for shippers and consignees to obtain “One Price” for the movement of LTL/LCL shipments from one inland point at production of goods to another inland point at the sales market.

Shipping LTL/LCL goods door-to-door is a complicated arrangement with many service provided involved in the process. Typically, not only does it take a logistics broker several days to quote an end-to-end price, but also additional effort needs to be spent on comparing different pricing schemas and service offerings.

With us, LTL/LCL shipping is made easy. Our platform can quote door-to-door services instantly. If the shipping window is tight, an airfreight option will be offered next to the seafreight quotation. Booking and payment are also done online.

At the back-end, the system takes care of the active process, including the submission of shipping documents to the relevant parties handling the shipment. The benefit? Shippers are freed from waiting, the need for doing tedious comparisons and multiple email exchanges that would otherwise exist in the traditional way.